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Advice that is passed on from the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne to their clients is entirely confidential.

This is the privilege afforded to defendants and plaintiffs alike, ensuring that justice is upheld and every citizen is afforded expert representation.

Yet there will be consistent themes present when it comes to the types of advice that is channeled from the solicitor to their client.

Here we will take stock of what that advice can look like, indicating when caution needs to be heeded and what steps can be taken to care for the integrity of the case.

Keep Discussions Confidential

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When confidential discussion details are passed on from one party to another without their consent, that is when criminal lawyers in Melbourne have an uphill battle on their hands. There is a degree of privilege when it comes to the confidentiality between solicitor and client, yet those defendants or plaintiffs who discuss private details without outside parties could indirectly influence the outcome. From leaks to the press or details being taken to intermediaries, no one will gain if such talks are exposed to the outside world.

Be Cautious About Documented Correspondence

It is one offence to talk to parties that should not be engaged with, it is quite another to have that correspondence documented. Criminal lawyers in Melbourne have nowhere to turn when those discussions are released via text message, email, social media direct message, voicemail or elsewhere. Should there be a paper trail of sorts where key details are exposed in black and white, that is when counsel will be forced to seek extreme measures to classify those materials before a judge.

Don’t Attempt to Corrupt Evidence or Interfere With Witnesses


It is an entirely illegal practice for clients to be corrupting evidence or interfering with witnesses across the duration of a hearing or trial. This type of tampering carries grave consequences and will be a fact that criminal lawyers in Melbourne will affirm and reaffirm in the instance that they suspect of such behaviour from the client. It is a clear violation of laws and norms of behaviour, tainting the justice system and placing the assailant in the midst of their own scandal.

Having Patience In The Process

It might not be a pleasant piece of advice to pass on from criminal lawyers in Melbourne to their clients, but patience is truly a virtue in these instances. Giving the delayed court dates, motions filed and processes that can be elongated, neither a defendant nor plaintiff is served any benefit by trying to expedite the matter or being anxious about the timing. Sadly there will be moments where a client and their solicitor are forced to wait and react to a situation, a scenario that can be planned for but won’t allow any means of reaching an earlier conclusion despite best efforts.

Never Lie

Committing perjury is a major offence that will have criminal lawyers in Melbourne chasing their tail. Although a client might feel like they are caught off-guard or backed into a corner by a prosecutor or a member of law enforcement, there is no instance where lying is beneficial. Should a defendant be placed in such a pressurised position, they should delay any responses and contact their legal Melbourne representative for their counsel. This will be an instance where they will advise on what questions to answer and how to answer them where necessary, lowering the risk and exposure they could face in the process.

No two clients will receive the same advice when they consult with criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Depending on their history, mental health status and motivation to create further legal difficulties, the advice can be blunt and direct. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they heed these recommendations and follow their cues to reach a positive outcome.

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