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A qualified and experienced divorce lawyer in Sydney will have a few tricks up their sleeve when they take on a case for their client.

Men and women of heterosexual or homosexual relationships whose marriage has broken down will require expertise to help them manage this fraught affair.

This is where some proven principles come into play, allowing your experienced divorce lawyer in Sydney to negotiate the process and acquire a quality outcome.

Gathering Key Evidence

As much a principle as it is a consistent practice, your divorce lawyer in Sydney will be tasked with gathering key evidence to help support a claim in a court of law. This can range from alimony payments to fighting for child custody or seeking a higher percentage of a property portfolio. Whatever this may be, the specialist will need to use their investigative skills alongside their paralegal colleagues to find the information before presenting it to a judge. That will feature police reports, employer records, bank statements, testimony, personal references and more.

Engaging in Mediation Talks

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Mediation talks are fundamental in a majority of cases where a divorce lawyer in Sydney is involved. Rather than sourcing a guilty verdict like colleagues attempt in a criminal trial, these legal matters are often focused around property settlements, child custody matters and deciding which party is privy to which assets. This is a field where some concessions are sought in order to showcase good faith, but they will also be proactively pushing for certain rights to be upheld. Mediation discussions can be the make or break of a divorce case and this should be a principle that each lawyer prioritises.

Issuing Flexible Payment Schemes

There will be some high-end firms who won’t give the same level of concessions that a certain divorce lawyer in Sydney might provide their client. A spouse should understand however that there are flexible payment schemes that are involved in these circumstances, ensuring they are not placed under severe financial risk from the outset. From hourly rates and flat fees to prices contingent on legal outcomes to pro bono work and beyond, residents are advised to seek out firms who provide them flexibility given their financial status.

Sourcing Weaknesses and Inconsistencies in Opposition Counsel Argument

A divorce lawyer in Sydney should be skilled with identifying weaknesses in the opposition counsel and leveraging those inconsistencies for their client’s benefit. From scathing employer or police reports to unsubstantiated claims over wrongdoing or alterations to key dates and events, sometimes a reactive approach is the best approach to adopt. The lawyer won’t always be in a position to play the offensive game and progress the case forward on their own schedule, but it is the ability to transition from a defensive posture to an aggressive and proactive approach that can prove most beneficial.

Keeping The Client Up-To-Date

Communication is the basis for a fruitful working relationship between a client and their divorce lawyer in Sydney. When these communication channels go silent or there is a lack of clarity over their position, that is when anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and frustration begins to boil over. These operators are not intended to be on call on demand 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. However, regular communication and keeping the party up to date is a principle that these specialists should adhere to.

These principles should be universal, irrespective of which man or woman is involved with their divorce lawyer in Sydney. Some will make priorities based on finances, on the location of the case, their own timetable or the likelihood of securing a quality outcome. Yet each professional in the field has the capabilities of protecting their client’s interest and showcasing these principles when they are required.

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