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Evolution makes everything better; e-cigarettes have had their moments of evolution too. One such moment that changed the world of e-cig was when atomizers were replaced by cartomizers. This was done mainly to overcome the shortcomings of atomizers. But before we proceed further, let us first make you familiar with these terms.

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We have put together this article to help you get the hang of cartomizers and everything related to them. The following information will help you buy nicotine liquid online or cartos or any vape stuff without making any mistake.

What are cartomizers?
First thing first, cartomizers, fondly called cartos, are metallic or plastic cylinders filled with nicotine liquid surrounding a heating element. But before we discuss that in detail, let’s first understand what atomizers are so that it becomes easier for you to know from where cartos have come.

Originally, e-cigarettes were manufactured with three parts: an atomizer and a cartridge loaded with nicotine liquid. In the closed set-up of e-cigs, the atomizer acts as a heating element which gets activated as the e-cig is turned on. This activated atomizer then turns the nicotine liquid into vapour. However, there was a design flaw that was getting on everyone’s nerves. It was observed by many users that at the time of using or refilling the cartridges, the device would leak.

So, to overcome these issues, cartomizers were designed. They act as a single unit replacing the atomizer and cartridge combined, and even solving the pesky leaking problem. They go further to have generous tank capacity to take in relatively more e-liquid and produce better vapours with intense flavours. While atomizers still have a great number of users, it’s the cartomizer that promises to make the life of a vaper easier. But the question is even when they offer a world full of advantages, what is it that doesn’t make it a perfect fit for vapers, especially the beginners. Let’s find that out.

Drawbacks of cartos
When it comes to cleaning cartos, it can be really nerve-wrecking. And this is when they usually burn up or flood especially when nicotine liquid enters the air hole preventing the user from properly inhaling from the device. So, once they are burnt, you can’t restore them for reuse – you have to get a new one. And in case you want to keep saving your cartos from burning, you would need to douse them with nicotine e liquid before use. Not only that, you can’t trust them if you keep on changing your flavours and picking incompatible ones. Adding to it is the struggle of priming them properly before you use them.

Is there any better alternative to cartos?
It largely depends on users’ preference. However, improved cartomizers are re-introduced with some basic changes. This new version of cartos has come to be known as clearomizers, clearos in short. When you head to buy nicotine liquid online or any other vape stuff from any store, you are likely to find clearos stocked up everywhere. They are the latest and most innovative addition to the e-cig world. They are transparent (hence their name) in order to let the user see through them and easily maintain the level of e-liquid. This enables users to save their clearos from burning or overflowing.

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