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For anyone out there who owns a website, it is likely that they have implemented some kind of SEO. They may be implementing this personally or they may have paid a professional to complete this for them. Whatever the case may be, it is likely that they are implementing all sorts of different techniques to increase their visibility in search engine results.

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When it comes to SEO Australia, most people have it drilled into them that they need to constantly be creating content. That they need regular blog posts and that they need to be posting on social media at least twice a day. While there is some truth to this, there is a risk that people can go a little overboard.

When people have been creating content over a long period of time, they may find that their website is filled to the brim with information and resources. While this can be a good thing, people may not know that it is actually extremely beneficial to perform a content clean-up. Contrary to popular opinion, this can actually help increase search engine rankings.

As it is so important that people are getting the maximum benefit for their efforts, this post will explore how a content clean-up can be achieved.

Remove or consolidate posts that aren’t completely relevant to the brand

When someone has been writing blog posts for a number of years, it is likely that they have experimented with their topics at times. As this is the case, it can sometimes to be handy to go through past blog posts and remove the ones that aren’t that on-point with the brand. People could instead use this content on their social media accounts if they don’t want it to go to waste.

Alternatively, people could tweak the post so that it is more relevant. Similarly, they could consolidate a few different posts so that they make up one cohesive article that is more relevant. This can make pages easier for search engine sites to categorize and so can make it more likely that they will be featured in search engine results.

As this can be so beneficial, website owners or managers may like to do this every 6-months or so. Once again if people feel overwhelmed by this task, they can easily pay someone to complete this task for them.

See which pages are performing the best

What some people out there may not know is that there are plenty of programs out there which will allow them to see which URLs are performing the best. One example of this is Google Analytics. When using this, they are able to see which pages have the best click through rates.

Once this research is performed, people are then able to not only remove or consolidate the content that is not performing as well but they are able to adjust their content in the future based on this. Checking to see how things are performing at least once a month can be a wise move in order to get the most benefit. For those who are working with digital marketing agencies, this service may be included.

It is also beneficial to perform an audit every now and again as people are able to figure out which keywords are working and which ones aren’t. When people stay on top of this, they are much more likely to reach as many people are possible in search engine results. Furthermore, they can reach the people who are the most likely to convert into customers or clients.

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