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A certified arborist report is a valid document for the preservation and protection o trees in our country. The content of this verified arbocultarists publish is an authorised document for the legal proceedings connected to the tree protection and allied matters. It includes primary assessment on tree protection, impact of to the nature, risk factors and related matters. The report should be prepared by a minimum qualified arborist for getting an authentication certified arborist report. We must remember that the certified arborist report has the shortest report regarding the protection of trees and it provides concise statements regarding it for the reference of the concerned people. Evaluation and preparation of report should be undertaken by a minimum AQF five level arborist.

tree danger assessment 

It is explained that the validate tree surgeon detail may prepare different types of arborist reports. First procedure is to prepare a pre development tree assessment by the arborist. It gives an outline to the development and possible retention of maximum trees. Details of all tree including number, species, general name, height and general condition should be recorded in the schedule. All the trees must be numbered and details should be exhibited in a tag and a tree area plan showing the correct position of the tree also should be provided. Development impact will not be considered at this point of time.  

An impact evaluation is the next type of validated arborist detail, which studies the impact of the development with special emphasis to trees. Arborist should evaluate effect of development to houses, other building and must be recorded in the attest tree evaluator describe. All trees including the nearby ones must be assessed if the proposed construction is affecting any loss of trees. A separate list must be prepared for the trees which are to be protected and replanted. The certified arborist report must contain the photographs of each tree and the aerial photograph of the land. 

Report should include the measured map with description of protecting trees in the area of construction. Effect of trench cutting and its depth should be marked for the safty of the root structure of the trees and we should ensure the necessary depth for the trenches. The certified arborist report includes the tree safety and management suggestions for the suggested building. Illustrated drawing showing plant position should attached to the report.  Tree protection undertaking and the verified plan should obtain from the builder. A document showing the tree safety wall or fencing should also attach to get the certified arborist report. These certification is required not only for the development or construction it is required for the large scale earth removal, demolishing and other conditions that may cause any danger to the trees or required special protection. 

Risk evaluation also should be done by the arborist and it must become a part of his report. For assessing the tree danger an approved method must be used by the arborist or by a qualified assessor. It can be done for single tree or cluster of trees, the objective of the risk evaluation must be stated clearly in the certified arborist report.

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