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The peace and order of the country and a particular place truly affects its economic growth. There is no denying the fact that security and economy come hand in hand for a place’s development. This is why it is important for local and national official’s of the country to ensure security stability to attain the economic growth it has aimed for. But how can the peace and order of the place affects its economic development? There are actually endless list that would be more than enough to provide the best answer to such a relevant question. Here are some essential facts that will provide solid proof of the effects of security stability to economic growth:

• Entices more investors – if the place is peaceful more and more investors are inclined to put their business in the area. This is because they do not have anything to worry as far as the security of their business and the people working for them if the location of their business is fully secured and no issues regarding security matters.
• Increases workforce – business owners in a secure place will have nothing to worry about the number of their workforce. This is because more and more workers will be enticed to go out and get some work without having to worry about their security and safety.
• Uplifts standard of living – a place with security stability also uplifts the standard of living of its residences. This is because of the fact that they can concentrate on tending to their livelihood activities instead of being busy protecting themselves from any forms of security threats. When the standard of living of the people in a community is somehow uplifted, they will also have an increased purchasing power which is essential for economic growth of the place.

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