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Massage is a great way to deal with this stressful life and to relax one’s mind, body as well as soul. People today have a hectic lifestyle and henceforth need some kind of services that will make them unwind their worries and feel pampered, rested and taken care of at times. This is why many people nowadays opt to take a spa membership to ensure they are taken care of and to improve their health’s well-being. If you are in a massage and spa business then you must make sure to read ahead to find some ideas that will help you enhance your services.
• Pin drop silence – if you want your clients to feel well rested you need to make sure that your spa or massage area is noise-free. Many people open a spa in a noisy location and at times their staff or other clients taking a massage make a lot of noise. Noise should be restricted at all times, ask all your clients to switch off their phones the moment they step in. Ask your masseuse to whisper and not make much noise while talking or using things used for massage.
• Use good and calming fragrance – you can opt for lemongrass, rosemary, lavender or any other fragrance to be used in a diffuser to make the spa smell fresh and will give your clients a clamming feeling.
• Use the right music – select the right kind of instrumental music for your clients massage sessions. Something that will help in giving a very soothing sense to the mind and body and make sure that you play it on a very low volume.
• Right lighting – you need to make sure that the lighting of your spa or massage area is just perfect. Nothing too much, that will hurt the eyes of your clients and nothing too less that the masseuse will not be able to see a thing.

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