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Starting a family is a big decision and should be made with proper planning and after a lot of talking and thinking together. Being a parent is a life changing decision and one that needs high sense of responsibility mentally, emotionally, physically a well as financially. This is the reason that every couple should consider a few things before they plan to start a family of their own.
• Love and understanding time together – every couple should and must consider giving their marriage at least two or more years as their love and understanding time together. This is the time you get to enjoy the bliss of marriage and get the time to understand each other in the best way. So, do not deprive you and your spouse of this time.
• Be considerate towards career oriented women – most women want to build a career and hence should be given enough time to build one and think if they are ready to start a family at this stage of their career making.
• Talk to each other about it – you both are in this together and both have equal rights to decide if the other is ready to take the responsibility of starting a family. Therefore, talk to each other openly about having babies and starting a family.
• Do not pressurize – if one of you is not yet ready to take the responsibility then give them some more time to think and get ready to have babies. Pressuring your spouse will only make things worse and joy of bringing in a baby will only become a burden in such cases.
• Save enough money – having a baby in today’s time is not easy financially and henceforth you need to start saving a lot of money to cover all cost of the baby to come. Expenses like doctors check-up for mom to be, delivery cost, baby’s essential shopping, vaccines and so on and so forth needs to be taken under consideration when planning for a baby.

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