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Creating something by yourself gives a person sheer joy and a sense of satisfaction. There are many ways to improve your homes look by just renewing some of your old stuff with creative ideas and without having to spend a lot of money. Let us learn some ways to renew your home cushion with some do it yourself ideas!
• Sewing fancy buttons over it – you can use old or new buttons to renew the look of your old cushions. The buttons you use can be of different sizes and colors and do not need to be matching to your cushion. However, do make sure the colors of buttons you choose look good over the existing cushion covers and sew them in appropriate places to enhance the look of the cushion.
• Adding diamonds or studs – again you can choose to use any size or color of studs and diamonds. If you go to the market you will find some diamonds that can be glued to a material by using an iron. So, choose the ones you think are easy to use.
• Trimmings and laces – you can sew these on all four sides of the cushion or can use them in layers as well. Choose a design that will suit your home the best and choose the right color that will match with your existing old cushion covers.
• Tussles – you can use tussles on the four corners along with some trimming or studs or buttons. This look will enhance the beauty of your cushion, making them look absolutely new and elegant.
• Adding patch-work – you can add patch-work on each of the cushion to renew and give it a complete makeover. Do make sure that the patch-work material you choose matches with the interior of your homes and the cushion coloring.
These were a few ways in which you could renew the look of your old cushions giving them a complete makeover.

Post Author: Benito Wyatt

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