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Online shopping has been a very big trend nowadays. It enable you to shop virtually buy just browsing on some picture with its attached prices. You could shop anytime of the day without even bothering to waste your time in the line. It is truly a hassle-free alternative of mall shopping. Just a single click would give you an array of items you are looking for. You just need to pay the right amount and wait for your items to be shipped. There are a lot of online stores in the internet. But there are three stores that are very popular in online shopaholics.

1. Lazada – it is one of the famous online stores in the internet. With over a million different items sold. What’s good in this store is that it offers startling sales on selected sellers or items. The payment method is very convenient. You can even pay it through cash-in-delivery. No need to fret for long lines in the counter, you will be able to claim your purchased item in as fast as three days. This is surely the best option for shoppers who don’t have much time to shop at malls. This is probably among the most popular in Asia and the pacific based on its sales in these particular regions.

2. Amazon – famous for its very user-friendly website. You can search for items in just keywords. If you don’t know what specifically what to buy, then you could opt to look for items under a certain category. Some items are on big sale which shoppers really love. Enjoy discounted deals up to 70% off on selected items. Like any other online stores, your purchase item will be paid in a lot of methods including cash-on-delivery. Various items from books, magazines, cds, DVDs and many more are sold in Amazon.

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