To "Smudge" means to cleanse with smoke!

Among the many ways to clear negativity, is the Age old practice of SMUDGING.

Certain herbs, such as Sage, considered sacred are burnt - thus producing smoke - for protection and to clear away negativity and unwelcome spirits.

There is virtually no limit to the potential of smudging. For the individual, it can help you find your unique centre, the You, you were born to be by sloughing away the dross of day-to-day “stuff” and thereby offering clarity of how you became how you are and to take the necessary steps to heal and expand your personal awareness.

In the home, smudging can shift the negativity left behind by visitors, previous tenants, in fact any one. It is a great way to cleanse the rooms of teens with attitude and will often promote a sense of calm in them.

Ever had the hairs on the back of your neck and arms stand on end when you enter a particular room? Smudging can move on the entities responsible for that too!

Having trouble selling your house? It could well be there is too much baggage, i.e. emotional attachment, unresolved stuff putting off potential purchasers. Smudge the house and let them feel welcome and safe and keen to move in.

Smudge when you move into somewhere new too. Clear the energies of previous owners, tenants, builders, tradesmen etc.

We even smudge our vehicles! Smudging works well in outdoor areas too.

Your workplace is another area you can make a difference with smudging. We smudge on a regular basis at Yes2Life, however, you would need to determine if it was appropriate to do so by first running the idea by your employer.

In the old way, the end of the herb bundle was lit using the flame from the council fire. We recommend using a candle as we have found to be the safest & most effective alternative, as it can take some time to get it burning. Keep handy an earthen bowl containing sand to extinguish your bundles after use as using water is considered as disrespect, plus it makes it more difficult to light the next time you use it and wastes some of your smudge stick, which can last for quite some time.
Although smudging does mean 'cleansing with smoke’, there are other benefits when you light your herb bundle. All herbs are healing and when burnt, also release that healing energy to you and to the universe.

When burning the herbs, the idea is to release their healing potential and aroma along with the cleansing smoke. Avoid creating excessive smoke, as this could cause discomfort.

A suggested cleansing ritual of one’s home or workplace is as follows; after lighting the smudge bundle offer it to the cardinal directions, i.e. north, east, south and west and up to the Eagle Nation (sky) and down to the Stone People (ground). Thoroughly go through all rooms/areas, with additional attention to the places that don’t normally receive a lot of light. Maintain a positive intent, finish with gratitude and all will be well.

The selected herbs are grown using organic practices, then picked and dried and bundled in various combinations with much love and care, just for you.

A Guide to Smudging

The following is offered as a guide for everyone who would like to experience the benefits of smudging and are new to the practice.

There are no hard and fast rules as such, however we have come to the following understandings after many years of practical smudging in diverse situations:
  • you do need to respect the process to achieve maximum benefit
  • a positive intent will help direct the smudging for the results you wish
  • allow your heart to guide you - your head may not be the best judge and, as in a general approach to life, show gratitude to the universe for what you have been given ~ It is not always obvious but it is in every moment if we choose to be there.

The Smudging Process

1. You will need a means of lighting and extinguishing your smudge bundle. We recommend a candle as the ideal way to light the bundle or disc. It can also create a nice ambience. You will also need a bowl of sand to extinguish your smudge stick. Use caution to avoid injury or damage.

2. Pick the best time so that you wont be interrupted. Turn off your mobile, unplug your landline and don’t have anything else you need to be doing. This is a time for you and your space to cleanse, heal and grow - please make it your top priority for the moment.

3. Set the mood. Find your inner calm or centre. If others are involved, encourage them to do the same. You can do this with appropriate music and/or by sitting comfortably and taking some slow deep breaths until you have focus on your intent. Music is an excellent accompaniment to establish rhythm and focus in the ritual.

4. Once you are prepared and your attitude is attuned you are ready to proceed!

  • Light your chosen herbs and when they are well lit (smoking strongly), offer up a prayer of thanks to the universe for all that was, all that is and all that will be.
  • If it is a room or a dwelling you are wanting to clear of negative influence, it is important to pay close attention to the places that don’t normally get much light as this is where any negativity will be present. Under furniture and behind doors are some examples. Be thorough!
  • If it is yourself (or another individual) you are smudging, wash the smoke over the body by bringing it toward the heart while holding the smudging herbs in front of the chest area. The recipient should be gently breathing during this process - take care that the smoke and breath do not interact to procude discomfort. Then pull the smoke up over the head and down the arms and the rest of your body. A turkey feather is the traditional instrument for directing the smoke to particular areas - however, in the absence of a large feather, hands or cards work well.

Offer up another prayer of thanks and you are done.

Ensure you thoroughly extinguish your smudge stick.